FPÖ-Darmann: Carinthia has to open up!

Klagenfurt (OTS) - “Carinthia must finally unlock!” The Carinthian FPÖ state party leader, Klubobmann Gernot Darmann, addressed this demand to the federal government and SPÖ governor Peter Kaiser on the occasion of today's deliberations in Vienna. “For a good year now, we have been demanding that measures that restrict the lives of citizens should not only be based on the deceptive number of positive tests, but that meaningful parameters should finally be used. An immediate opening of the gastronomy, hotel, cultural and leisure facilities is urgently necessary in order to finally enable the companies to generate income again. Our restaurateurs and hoteliers in particular proved last year that they were able to prevent clusters from forming by adhering to the necessary protective measures, ”explains Darmann.

Darmann emphasizes that announcements that there could soon be opening steps are not enough. “The population demands positive resolutions for a corresponding perspective and planability! It is deeply irresponsible on the part of the Kurz Federal Government that it tries to cover up its repeated misjudgments about the regulation of lockdowns by continuing to harass the labor market as well as the economy, education and culture for the massive failure of the Federal Government, contrary to common sense, "said the FPÖ boss.

Darmann clearly rejects today's demand by ÖVP club chairman Malle that politicians should be given preferential vaccination. “We do not need any privileges for politicians, while many other professional groups and citizens who want a vaccination for themselves have to wait and often the appointment allocation does not even work! When it comes to the Corona vaccination of ÖVP politicians, the ÖVP Carinthia opens its mouth. Otherwise, the self-proclaimed but abdicated economic party no longer seems to exist, because for a year now the Carinthian branch party of the federal ÖVP has been quietly nodding off every attack on the economy and the labor market, ”concluded Darmann.