FPÖ - Angerer on "Comeback Plan": Late submission of projects for EU reconstruction funds could jeopardize rapid economic recovery

Black and green announcement press conferences reloaded: No content, no information!

Vienna (OTS) - “After the ÖVP Chancellor and the Green Vice Chancellor announced in a press conference on Saturday that they wanted to start a so-called 'comeback plan' for the Austrian economy, but without presenting any concrete plans, the ÖVP ministers and the Green Environment Minister once again presented themselves today only in headings projects and on the other hand already planned measures from the black and green government plan. That is just a mockery of the people and the companies in Austria ”, criticized FPÖ economics spokesman NAbg today. Erwin Angerer. “Our entrepreneurs have been waiting for a long time to be able to do business again and therefore need predictability and perspectives. With these announcement press conferences that are now almost daily, this will probably not be possible, ”said Angerer.

"A lack of content and information - both on the 'comeback measures' and on the EU reconstruction fund, which makes up an essential part of the 'comeback measures'," complained Angerer and continued: "Just like the ÖVP at the moment with regard to The submission of the projects takes effect, however, it is questionable whether this will enable our economy to recover quickly, or whether the government's unnecessary secrecy is just unnecessarily delaying the economic restart after the crisis. The money from the EU reconstruction fund is intended to rebuild the Austrian economy. The only ones who do not notice anything, who are neither involved nor informed, are the entrepreneurs of this country. Apart from a succinct e-mail address for submitting projects, so far neither entrepreneurs, nor the population, let alone the opposition, have found out anything about the projects that are to be brought in for the EU reconstruction fund. "

“The submission deadline for the projects is April 30th. Although ÖVP finance minister Blümel repeatedly emphasizes that there is still enough time to submit the projects on time, it is questionable whether he is aware of the possible consequences of submitting the projects later? ”Said Angerer.

“If the projects are not accepted by the EU Commission in their presented form, but have to be improved, then the payment of the money and thus the implementation of the projects could also be delayed. This in turn would postpone the economic recovery after the Corona crisis, for which the money is intended and which should be implemented today rather than tomorrow, "said the FPÖ economics spokesman.

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