FPÖ - Angerer: WKÖ control report reveals mega scandal

Privilegienstadl in the black Chamber of Commerce is to be cleaned out - WKÖ is supposed to support entrepreneurs and their families from the multi-million dollar chamber reserves

Vienna (OTS) - "Grants for memberships in golf, yachting or sports clubs, school fees in the millions for the children of employees, rising consultancy costs - a media report on the WKÖ control report 2019 reveals a mega-privilege scandal in the ÖVP-dominated Chamber of Commerce. ÖVP Economics Minister Schramböck is urgently required to take action here. In any case, we libertarians will bring in appropriate motions in parliament to clean out the black privilege stalls in the Chamber of Commerce, ”said FPÖ economics spokesman NAbg today. Erwin Angerer.

"In times like these, in which micro and small businesses as well as medium-sized enterprises are struggling endlessly for economic survival after lockdowns, many of them are still waiting for the announced generous support services and a massive wave of bankruptcies rolls in, it would be good for the Chamber of Commerce to To support businesspeople and their families from the millions of chamber reserves, ”Angerer renewed a demand of the Freedom Party.

“Once again, the interest representation of the entrepreneurs reveals itself as a self-service shop for ÖVP favorites. And the whole thing is financed from the compulsory chamber contributions of the compulsory members, ”said Angerer.

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