FP-Nepp on GESIBA: Urgent inquiry about the comprehensive failure of the SPÖ councilor for housing and the MA 50 in their supervisory agendas

Causen Commerzialbank, WBV-GÖD and Dittelgasse are to be clarified

Vienna (OTS) - "SPÖ Councilor for Housing, Kathrin Gaal, has to put up with the question of whether she has ever dared to look into the Charitable Housing Act," says Vienna’s FPÖ state party chairman and city councilor Dominik Nepp, astonished by their latest statements on the Commerzialbank / GESIBA case.

Gaal argues that GESIBA's assessments ultimately fall operationally into the responsibility of the management and refuses to immediately initiate a special audit by the auditing association. “That is hard to beat in terms of absurdity. The supervision is there precisely to monitor the operational activities of the management ”, Nepp refers to the current legal situation. The wording of Section 29 (1) WGG reads: “The entire management of non-profit building associations is subject to official supervision. The state government is entitled to inspect all business documents, to check the business conduct and the financial statements, to order the correction of defects and to obtain reports on individual business cases. "

“This formulation is really more than clear. What is social democracy afraid of? What is expected of the Viennese here is unbelievable ”, concludes Nepp and announces an urgent request about the failure of the housing councilor and the MA 50 in the Causen Commerzialbank, WBV-GÖD and Dittelgasse.

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