FMC Corporation Announces Leadership Change in EMEA

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. - FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC), a global leader in agricultural sciences, today announced that Marc Hullebroeck, FMC Vice President and President of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), will leave the company in late June 2021 . His successor will be Sebastià Pons, currently Head of Portfolio Strategy and Strategic Marketing in the EMEA region.

Hullebroeck is retiring after a 31-year career at FMC. In total, he worked in the agricultural industry for over 40 years. For most of his career, he led the company's trading operations in Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America and North America. Since 2013, in addition to his regional responsibility, Hullebroeck has been responsible for the company's plant health business and for the obligations of third-party companies. In 2016 he founded FMC's European Innovation Center in Denmark.

Pons will succeed Hullebroeck as President of the EMEA region on July 1, 2021. He will be responsible for the region's business strategy and overall performance, reporting to Mark Douglas, President and CEO of FMC. Pons was elected FMC Vice President by the company's board of directors. He joined FMC in 2017 and previously worked for DuPont Crop Protection for over 20 years in numerous regional and global roles in sales and administration with increasing responsibility. Early in his career, Pons held various engineering and research positions in the US and Europe.

"Marc has been a respected executive in FMC and the agribusiness for over four decades," said Douglas. “Throughout his career, he has always worked with all his might for new technologies, the responsible use of agricultural products and the provision of the best possible tools to protect plants. We thank him for his many lasting contributions to the company and wish him all the best for his retirement.

"Sebas brings extensive farming experience to his new role as Head of EMEA," added Douglas. "He has worked closely with Marc for the past four years to grow our business and I look forward to a future with him as a strong leader."

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