Almost 800 cases of fraud involving Corona emergency aid

Since the start of the Corona emergency aid for companies a year ago, investigators in Baden-Württemberg have initiated around 800 proceedings for fraud. From April 2020 to the end of February 2021 there were exactly 798, as the Ministry of Justice announced on request. The extent of the damage caused by this is not recorded statistically, it said. As a rule, it is subsidy fraud, which also occurs when no money has actually been paid and thus no damage has occurred - for example, if the fraud is noticed before it is paid out. According to "Heilbronner Voice" (Saturday), the state criminal investigation department came to a total damage of three million euros in cases from 2020.

The ministry explained that different approaches could be distinguished between the acts. For example, the fraudsters' approach was to seek emergency aid on behalf of an actual company and then divert the money. Or, and that is the vast majority of cases, an applicant provides false information in order to collect unjustified help.

"It is completely unacceptable when certain people try to enrich themselves with aid money that is actually intended for the rescue of companies," said Justice Minister Guido Wolf (CDU). "It is therefore right that subsidy fraud should be prosecuted and that the judiciary should hold the fraudsters accountable."