Recovery in the M + E industry continues - upswing slowed by lack of materials - pre-recession level will not be reached until 2022


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Munich (ots)

Brossardt: "Material shortages and uncertainties slow down production development"

The Bavarian M + E industry recovered from the economic effects of the global corona crisis. The catching-up process is slowed down by one in part massive shortage of material and preliminary products. That is the result of the works survey of the Bavarian metal and electrical employers' association bayme vbm among its member companies, which was presented today in Munich. “Our companies are confident again. The current business situation has improved significantly compared to winter, and the balance is clearly positive. The expectations for the rest of the year are positive overall, but the great uncertainties and the pressure to transform are putting a strain on companies. It is clear, however, that things are looking up. This year we will reach the level from before the Corona crisis, but the pre-recession level from 2018 only in 2022 ", says bayme vbm Managing Director Bertram Brossardt.

For the first time since summer 2019, the domestic Employment plans of companies back in positive territory. “Every fourth company is planning to increase its workforce, every second no change. We expect the decline in employment to come to an end by the end of the year. In the course of the year, employment will decrease by around 10.000 jobs. This will be in the Bavarian M + E industry at the end of the year 837.000 people being busy. That is 35.000 less than the peak in June 2019 ″, says Brossardt.

The employment plans are subject to the uncertain omen of the transformation, which is leading to a heterogeneous development on the labor market. “We are heading towards a parallelism of job creation and reduction. While the transformation in the M + E industry is leading to the loss of jobs on the one hand, new ones are also being created on the other. A qualification mismatch is evident here. At the same time, we see short-time working with a simultaneous labor shortage, ”explains Brossardt. Every fifth company continues to operate like this short-time working. The main reasons are a lack of orders at two out of three companies and a lack of material for every fifth company.

On average in 2021, the production um 15 Prozent climb. Every second company wants to increase output in the coming half-year, and eleven percent have to reduce it. “However, the production is slowed down Missing raw materials, missing material and missing preliminary products. The reasons for this are varied overall, but in particular the global trade and production activities, which are only slowly picking up speed again after the upheavals of the corona pandemic, are having a braking effect. This has now become a real obstacle to recovery, ”comments Brossardt. So the production is at almost two-thirds of companies noticeably affected by a lack of material, including 22 percent even heavily. Only every tenth company does not feel any adverse effects. “Primarily raw materials, intermediate products and delivery delays in general are affected. Every second company does not get enough parts or no parts at all and if so, only with sometimes drastic surcharges. When the order books are full, this is a situation that we cannot afford, ”emphasizes Brossardt.

The uncertainties are also reflected in investments: only one in three companies wants to invest more. “We are confident, however, that around a quarter of all investments will go to expansions. That is a strong signal for our location, "says Brossardt and adds:" Our companies need more Air for investmentsbecause they form the basis for a permanent upswing and mastering the transformation. "

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