"Horrible": Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemns racism against England shooters

After racist insults against the professionals who were unsuccessful in the penalty shoot-out in the European Championship final, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also urged more respect. "This England team deserves to be revered as heroes and not racially insulted," tweeted the head of government on Monday morning. "Those responsible for these horrific insults should be ashamed."

Bukayo Saka (19) from Arsenal FC missed the last penalty in the lost final against Italy. Before that, Marcus Rashford (23) from Manchester United and Jadon Sancho (21) had already missed. Only England's first two shooters met their attempts. Italy won the penalty shootout 3-2.

London Police: Racism "absolutely unacceptable"

Before Johnson, the English Football Association had already been shocked by racism online. The London police tweeted: "This abuse is absolutely unacceptable, will not be tolerated and investigated." Sancho and Rashford were substituted on by coach Gareth Southgate just before the end of extra time. There was also criticism from TV experts from Germany. The England national team went on one knee before every match at the European Championship to protest against racism and discrimination.