Energy company RWE wants to vaccinate employees against Corona

The energy company RWE is in the starting blocks to vaccinate employees against the corona virus. "RWE could get started next week - if there is a vaccine for the companies," said CEO Rolf Martin Schmitz of the "Rheinische Post" (Saturday). “Our 17 company doctors are ready to vaccinate 80 to 100 employees a day. Then we would be through with the workforce in two weeks and then offer to vaccinate the families of the employees. ”Test and vaccination lanes have already been set up at many locations.

In addition, numerous quick tests and self-tests have been ordered so that all employees who do not work from home can test themselves regularly. However, he does not believe in compulsory testing for companies, said Schmitz.

Schmitz criticized the German vaccination campaign. It is becoming increasingly difficult to understand. “Why weren't the general practitioners involved earlier? Why is there still not enough vaccine? "The UK has done better," many of our colleagues have already been vaccinated there ".

In the past few days, numerous other companies have also signaled their willingness to have their employees vaccinated by company doctors. So far, however, no more than pilot projects are foreseeable.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) recently referred several times to the few available vaccines in response to the demand to promote vaccinations in companies quickly. The company doctors should join the vaccination campaign after family doctors. This week, Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) took up the demand and suggested consultations between the federal government and the states. With regard to the ranking, Spahn had said that he found it difficult to vaccinate younger company employees as long as the older ones were not yet protected.