A new party group would like to put a green stamp on the CDU

The Greens expect chances for the seat of Chancellor in the upcoming election - the Union wants to remain competitive: A party group is now addressing the issue of climate change and is planning to sharpen the Union's green profile.

The future of Germany shimmers green. And because nothing works these days without climate policy and that CDU has not yet exhausted its green potential, a new group has formed that wants to advance the climate issue within the party. Last Friday, the “KlimaUnion” presented itself, an association led by CDU federal board member Wiebke Winter, the ex-Tesla manager Phillip Schröder and the bicycle activist Heinrich Strossenreuther.

Wiebke Winter believes that the Union's climate policy must be more ambitious. “The goal must be to achieve the 1,5 degree target by making Germany climate neutral by 2040 at the latest,” she summarizes the party group's concerns. The Union must focus more on climate change in the election campaign, and the group wants to provide support in this regard. The CDU is intended to sharpen its climate policy profile.

Climate-friendly market economy

The impetus for the party group was given by Heinrich Strossenreuther, 53 years old and a party member in the CDU since March 2021. He got to know Philipp Schröder, former Tesla boss and entrepreneur, through Clubhouse. Along with Wiebke Winter and seven other initiators they founded the Climate Union on World Earth Day.

The green party group is now planning to give the Union's electoral program a green paint and is relying on new solutions. “We don't want de-industrialization Germany", Emphasizes Winter in an interview with the" Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ". Instead, more electricity must come from renewable jellyfish. "The motto has to be: wind power from the dike instead of oil from the sheikh."

But where is the difference to the Greens? “We have to take business and industry with us,” says Winter. Unlike the Fridays for Future movement, for example, the Climate Union is not about issuing bans, but about integrating the social market economy into the process of creating a sustainable society. This is made possible, for example, by promoting climate-friendly technologies and business models, according to the preamble.