"A great chancellor"

Sat-1 documentary "The Angela Merkel era" : "A great chancellor"

Sat 1 starts with an extremely benevolent documentary about “The Angela Merkel era”. RTL follows on Thursday with a Merkel evening.

"The Merkel looks" is the name of one of the aspects that the Sat-1 documentary "Die Ära Angela Merkel" takes a closer look at.

“The Merkel Looks” is the name of one of the aspects that the Sat-1 documentary “The Angela Merkel Era” takes a closer look at.Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa

For 16 years Angela Merkel Germany ruled at the end of this legislative period, as the first woman to lead the Federal Republic and as the first East German in a united Germany. As Federal Chancellor, the scientist from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had the power to shape the state for 16 years and many TV portraits at the end of her chancellorship will focus on what changes she has brought about and how the state differs before and after her term of office? The Sat-1 documentary "The Angela Merkel Era - Faces of a Chancellor" poses these questions rather marginally.

The two-hour film differs not only in the selection of the protagonists - in addition to some companions, especially from the Union, the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, the actresses, have their say Uschi Glas and Sophia Thomalla, the comedian Wigald Boning and the entrepreneur Gloria von Thurn und Taxis - but also in the aspects of Merkel's chancellorship, which are particularly highlighted, from the otherwise usual portraits of politicians. Channel boss Daniel Rosemann announced the TV portrait of Angela Merkel as "the first special broadcast on the way to the federal election" by Sat1 and as a "critical homage to a personality of the century". But this TV summary is not too critical. If at all, one could speak of devaluations in the grades, if, for example, Sat1 anchorman Marc Bator did not always feel properly taken by the Chancellor - when explaining her welcome policy in the refugee crisis - or Merkel's party friend Wolfgang Bosbach sometimes felt more emotional in the Explanation of their policy.

["The Angela Merkel era - faces of a chancellor", Tuesday, 20:15 pm, on Sat 1.]

Sat 1 clears almost the entire Tuesday evening for the documentation. The "Bild" title, on which the newly elected Chancellor was named "Miss Germany" in 2005, roughly indicates the direction this film will take. Her appearance as "The State Woman" is judged primarily on how she has prevailed over some particularly ruthless political alpha characters such as George W. Bush, Recep Tayyip Erdogan or Donald Trump by not engaging in their transparent macho games. Much space is devoted to the chapter “The Girlfriend” about the extremely cordial relationship between the Chancellor and former US President Barack Obama, which has since been clouded by the NSA affair (“wiretapping among friends is not possible”).

From "Miss Germany" to "The Mother of the Nation"

Further chapter headings are “Merkel the man” (“She has to go shopping too”), “The Merkel looks” (from Merkel's cleavage in Oslo to her blazers “in all rainbow colors” to the Merkel diamond) or “The mother Nation ”with pictures of Angela Merkel with the victorious national soccer team at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and“ The Wife ”at the side of Joachim Sauer. The multiple weaknesses in 2019 and the short "power naps" are remembered in "The Unbreakable".

Of course, it doesn't work entirely without politics, especially since Angela Merkel had to endure various crises and disasters in her 16 years in office. First the financial crisis of 2008, then the Fukushima reactor disaster and the German nuclear phase-out, then the refugee crisis in 2015 and the corona pandemic for a year and a half.

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There is little criticism to be heard in this film, rather it is noted that not everything was always convincing, especially in terms of communication. But there is one thing above all: understanding. Such a long term of office, a life in a constant state of emergency, that is beyond the strength of any human being. Also that of a “great chancellor” who “gave people a feeling of security” and whose term of office people will remember as a “golden era” with a head of government like “a rock in the surf with many faces”. Not all documentation about the Angela Merkel era will be as benevolent as this portrait from Sat 1. On Thursday, RTL cleared the entire evening for Angela Merkel.

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