“Actually not feasible”: Frustration after the Mietendeckel verdict - big demo in Berlin

See in the video: “Actually not feasible”: Frustration after the Mietendeckel judgment - big demo in Berlin.

Sebastian van Loh was only recently relieved when he finally found an apartment in March in the Berlin district of Moabit. And thanks to the Berlin rent cap, it was quite affordable. But the relief was followed by tension again. Because on Thursday the Federal Constitutional Court declared the intervention of the Berlin Senate in the rental market to be inadmissible. "For me that means that I have to pay the money for this month and then have to pay the rent in full from May." For Sebastian van Loh, that's several hundred euros more per month. "So the full rent is already a high burden now, yes, it will be very tight at the end of the month, yes, so actually not really feasible." Disappointing, also finds the Berlin Senator for Urban Development and Housing, Sebastian Scheel from the left. However, he thinks that the final word has not yet been spoken with the verdict. “Well, Karlsruhe decided first of all that the state was not allowed to use the instrument. In this respect, we have created an instrument with which we can solve the problem that we have especially in large cities, metropolitan areas, the tight housing market, that we create a set of rules here that remedies them. In this respect, the federal government is now asked to apparently introduce such a regulation, to create a real social tenancy law so that we can continue to maintain a social mix in our cities. ”Thousands of Berliners demanded that after the decision took to the streets in Karlsruhe. On posters and banners they called for affordable housing and the expropriation of the large housing companies.