EANS-DD: OMV Aktiengesellschaft / Notification concerning transactions by persons performing managerial responsibilities pursuant to article 19 Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)

Directors‘ Dealings-Announcement pursuant to artikle 19 MAR transmitted by euro adhoc with the aim of a Europe-wide distribution. The issuer is responsible for the content of this announcement.

personal data:

responsible party:

name: Sabine Karger (natural person)



reason: responsible party associate to a person with managerial responsibilities
name and surname: Angela Schorna
function: Member of an administrative or supervisory board


issuer information:

name: OMV Aktiengesellschaft
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 549300V62YJ9HTLRI486


information about deal:

ISIN: AT0000743059
description of the financial instrument: Share OMV Aktiengesellschaft type: disposition
date: 04.06.2021; UTC+02:00
market: Wiener Börse AG, XWBO
currency: Euro

price volume
50.88 103
50.90 54
50.92 39
50.90 1

total volume: 197
total price: 10,026.02
average price: 50.89350


explanation: The sales were executed by a person closely associated to a person discharging managerial responsibilities at OMV Aktiengesellschaft (Angela Schorna, Member of the Supervisory Board)

end of announcement euro adhoc

issuer: OMV Aktiengesellschaft
Trabrennstraße 6-8
A-1020 Wien
phone: +43 1 40440/21600
FAX: +43 1 40440/621600
mail: investor.relations@omv.com
WWW: http://www.omv.com
ISIN: AT0000743059
indexes: ATX
stockmarkets: Wien
language: English

Digital press kit: http://www.ots.at/pressemappe/145/aom