Dr. Wolff Group at the China Children-Baby-Maternity Expo 2021

Dr. Wolff Group


Dr. Wolff Group in Shanghai came together over months of work to present the two brands - Plantur and Vagisan - to the world at the China Children-Baby-Maternity Expo 2021. In these troubled times, it is with great pleasure that the company today can invite consumers to join them in exploring the brands.

The Dr. Wolff Group is a 100-year-old family company from Bielefeld in Germany. Today the company is run by the current managing director and family member of the 4th generation, Mr. Eduard Dörrenberg. The company operates in over 60 markets worldwide and has offices in Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Chicago, etc. Dr. Wolff has around 700 employees worldwide with a global turnover of EUR 340 million in 2020. And despite the influence of COVID, they have maintained an unbroken growth trend worldwide over the past few years.

The products are all developed and manufactured in Germany. The R&D team constantly strives to develop products that meet customers' needs and works closely with research institutes and universities to produce scientific studies that objectively prove the effectiveness of the products.

Their mission is to solve customers' problems with innovative and proven products.

With the brands Alpecin, Plantur, Linola, Karex, Bioniq, Vagisan and Alcina, they deal with the daily problems of Chinese men and women. From hair and scalp care for hair loss prevention to skin care products that help repair dry and sensitive skin. From oral care to fluoride-free caries prophylaxis to female intimate hygiene for problems such as vaginal dryness - no topic is too sensitive as long as it offers real added value and can improve the lives of customers.

In 2015, Dr. Wolff founded a company here in Shanghai. For the past 6 years they have been working to bring their products to Chinese customers. You have a long-term commitment here in the Chinese market. With the hair care brands such as Alpecin and Plantur, which first came onto the market, and then with Vagisan, they have developed a good cooperation with their Chinese partners.

Today the company is very excited to introduce Plantur, the # 1 brand for hair and scalp care for women in Germany, to consumers with the mission to offer the hair and scalp care solution specifically for women and for the prevention of hair loss. They know that hair loss in women can have various causes, such as hormone changes after childbirth, stress, unbalanced diet, menopause, etc. And to address the problem of hair loss, they have split into 2 product lines, including the 21 series , which focuses on hair loss prevention in young women, and the 39 series for women in or after menopause.

They are also excited to bring Vagisan, Germany's No. 1 intimate hygiene brand, to the Chinese market with a mission to help Chinese women improve their intimate health. They understand that intimate hygiene is a taboo subject here in China, just as it used to be in Germany. In 2013, Vagisan began as a pioneering brand to break this taboo and openly talk about it in Germany. It has proven so successful that a new category was created there.

After the two successes in Germany, they are confident that they will also be able to achieve them here on the Chinese market together with their partners and with tireless efforts. They value the partnerships and believe that these partnerships are the key to success in China. For the company, this is a good example of successful Sino-German economic cooperation.

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