These six Real stores are going to new owners

The sale at Real is entering the next round: Official handover dates to new owners have been set for six other locations of the department store group. These include well-known names.

2021 is a bitter year for the department store group Real - especially for its employees. 20 stores will close or have already been closed. Seven locations alone were closed on January 31. The lights will go out for two markets on June 30th and for ten on September 30th.

But there are also bright spots, or rather: takeovers. Real competitors, first and foremost Kaufland, Globe and Edeka, have already secured fillet pieces from the group. It has now become known who the new owners are for six other Real locations.

These are the new old owners

As reported by the Lebensmittel-Zeitung, there are two old friends among them. Two houses each go to Edeka, Kaufland - and Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH. The medium-sized company based in southern Bavaria operates the so-called V-Markets.

All three companies have confirmed the takeovers on request, writes the industry journal. This means that the cartel office - which has to give its okay in such takeovers - has already waved everything through.

V-Markets in Kempten and Pentling 

V-Markt will officially take over the former Real-Markt in Kempten (Im Allmey) from May 1st. According to the food newspaper, the new operator is planning a month for the renovation. The reopening is planned for after Pentecost (May 27th).

The former Real location in Pentling (Hölkeringer Straße) is not to be taken over until September 1st. The good news: All 180 Real employees are to be taken over at both locations. Around 40 grocery stores are currently operated under the V-Markt brand.

Kaufland in Singen and Bergen on Rügen

The full-range supplier Kaufland, which for Black group (Lidl), will take over the Real store in Singen, Baden-Württemberg (Georg-Fischer-Strasse) on June 21. As the Süd-Kurier reports, the location will therefore be closed on June 21st and 22nd, in order to deliver new goods and exchange the till systems. On June 23, the market will start as Kaufland.

In addition, it is now official that the Real market in Bergen on the island of Rügen (ring road) will be taken over by Kaufland on July 19.

Edeka in Kronach and Neumarkt

In the Bavarian town of Kronach (Weissenbrunner Straße), the new owner of the Real store is called Edeka. He will take over on June 17th. A good two weeks later (July 1st) the Edeka Group officially starts at the location in Neumarkt in Bavaria (Dreichlinger Straße).

Background: The owner of Real, the Russian investor SCP, had acquired the ailing hypermarket chain with its around 270 stores from Metro in the spring of 2020 in order to break up and sell it.