Services - Swiss Post wants to deliver parcels to the anteroom

In the future, Austrian Post wants to deliver parcels directly to the apartment even if you are absent. For this purpose, the deliverer should be able to open the apartment door via a previously installed electronic door lock and park the parcel in the anteroom. With the project you want to declare war on the yellow note, said Post Parcel Board Peter Umundum on Monday at an online press conference. We are now looking for 100 testers who will try out the system by December.

The flood of parcels is growing, especially in the private sector, with anteroom delivery to increase the first delivery rate of 94 percent. In rural areas the quota is already close to 100 percent, in the cities there is “room for improvement”, admits the Post Board of Directors for Parcel and Logistics, umundum. "We want to continue the fight against the yellow slip with this new, innovative project". If the delivery attempt is unsuccessful, customers are notified with a yellow slip of paper where they can pick up their parcel.

To this end, Swiss Post today presented a cooperation with Nuki Home Solutions. According to the company, it is the market leader in Europe in this area and has already installed 175.000 “smart” electronic locks, which are used, for example, for short-term rental of apartments. The electronic device is mounted on the inside of the apartment door, then the deliverer can open the door from the outside with a Nuki app on his handheld. There is no need to worry about burglary security, the system is encrypted and cannot be seen from the outside, explained Nuki CEO Martin Pansy.

Delivery exclusively by regular deliverers

The delivery or the postman at work can also be observed live or afterwards using a camera installed in the anteroom. The delivery to the anteroom takes place exclusively by the regular deliverer. According to the Post Board Umundum, the advantage for customers is that the parcel lands directly on the “parcel mat” in the apartment even when they are absent. The door lock can still be opened conventionally with the key even after the electronic door opener has been installed, assured Nuki CEO Pansy.

Before the planned introduction, we are looking for 100 testers who can try out the new delivery method at home. People aged 18 and over with a delivery address in Vienna, Lower Austria or Graz who meet the technical requirements for installing the electronic lock can apply. The application period starts today and lasts until May 23rd. Interested parties can register on the Internet at The test period runs from July to December 2021. The electronic lock and optional A1 smart home devices are made available for the test. The participants get to know their deliverer before the start and also receive a free annual “AllesPost” subscription.

For the CEO of A1 Telekom Austria, Marcus Grausam, the anteroom delivery project is another project in the area of ​​the A1 Smart Home platform. Security solutions and services for the home are offered via the smart home platform. (apa)