The Linz citizen lists were published on April 14.4th. founded in TZ Perg.

The approval for the use of the city coat of arms of the state capital has already been granted by the Linz municipal authorities.

Linz (OTS) - As already announced, the founding meeting of the Linz Citizens' Lists was held on April 14.4.21th, XNUMXst in the lower Mühlviertel in the center of technology (TZ) in Perg.

The founding members were accompanied by our innovative team, which is based there.

The Linz Citizens Lists have set themselves the goal of having an improved, livable future in Linz together with the citizens' initiatives from Linz and the surrounding area.

The Linz Citizens List is an independent list with no party pressure and acts locally and completely independently in the state capital. It is part of the Upper Austria citizens' lists.

As the name suggests, we only represent the interests of the citizens of Linz.

We do not accept party donations and thus want to remain independent, but we look forward to your help and honest approval.

We would like to point out that we will hold the first press conference together with the top candidates of the Upper Austrian Citizens' Lists on July 1.7.2021, XNUMX in the Upper Austria Press Club.

Before that there will be an additional exhibition by our cooperation partner Donauverein because the environment is very, very important to us.

Inquiries & contact:

Office of the citizen lists Linz