Deutsche Bank is closing 37 locations in North Rhine-Westphalia alone

The mining from almost 100 branches Deutsche Bank hits mainly big cities and Nordrhein-Westfalen. In the most populous federal state, 37 locations are to be closed, according to a published overview by the institute. This includes four branches in Dusseldorf as well as three in Cologne and eat.

In Berlin A total of six branches are also affected, in Hamburg, Munich and the banking metropolis of Frankfurt four each.

"When selecting the locations, we made sure that the distances to the next branch in rural areas were not too far," said Philipp Gossow, who is responsible for Deutsche Bank's private customer business Germany directs, the »Handelsblatt«. "In the city centers it is also possible to be there for customers with fewer locations."

97 branches are to be closed

The Deutsche Bank wants to close the last 97 branches by the end of the year 497, around 450 full-time positions are to be eliminated net. The institute recently reached an agreement with the employees on a balance of interests. The jobs are to be cut in a socially acceptable manner, including early retirement, partial retirement and severance payments.

»We want and will be present across the board. 400 branches are a good number for this, which should remain largely stable in the coming years, «Gossow had told the dpa news agency. »More and more customers are making use of digital banking services. The corona pandemic has accelerated this trend. «Seven branches are to be converted into so-called investment centers.