The day with Wolfgang Kaschuba - do Britain's football fans mirror British politics?

Moderation: Jana Münkel

The cultural scientist Wolfgang Kaschuba (picture alliance / dpa | Sophia Kembowski)
We also talk to cultural scientist Wolfgang Kaschuba about the fight against Corona and the question of whether teaching staff at schools should be forcibly vaccinated. (picture alliance / dpa | Sophia Kembowski)

During the European Championship games, British fans repeatedly showed themselves to be bullies. Are you a mirror of British politics? We are discussing this with the cultural scientist Wolfgang Kaschuba.

The laser pointer attack against the Danish goalkeeper, loud boos at the national anthems of the opposing teams and now the worst, racist insults against the three black players who missed the penalty kick in the European Championship final against Italy: British football fans don't seem to respect and rules more interested. Is the aggressive behavior of the fans a reflection of the political ego trip the UK is on? We talk about this with our guest, the cultural scientist Wolfgang Kaschuba.

Other topics in the show:

  • Right-wing extremism in the Hessian police. What good is the final report?
  • Fight against Corona. Forced vaccination of teachers?
  • E-scooters litter the city centers. From the alternative to the nuisance?
  • Berlin as a city of citizens. How do you create a real civil society? 

The ethnologist and cultural scientist Wolfgang Kaschuba is head of department at the Institute for Migration Research (BiM) at Berlin's Humboldt University. He is also a board member of the German Unesco Commission and sits on the Migration Council.