Deloitte study - optimism among executives has evaporated

After a year of the Corona “Hochschaubahn”, disillusionment and fatigue have spread in domestic companies. "The optimism has largely evaporated," stated Harald Breit, partner and designated CEO of Deloitte Austria, in a press conference on Thursday. According to a recent Deloitte study, for which 250 Austrian top executives were surveyed, only 27 percent of them believe that Austria will master the upswing “good” or “very good” compared to other European countries. In summer 2020 it was 64 percent.

The executives see an urgent need for action in digitization - "a painful realization", as Breit said. Over 90 percent of those surveyed consider it very important or important for Austria as a business location to take measures in the digitization of public administration, in the health system and in the education sector.

Homeschooling revealed shortcomings

In the case of homeschooling, the inadequate technical infrastructure in schools and the sometimes inadequate knowledge of the teaching staff in dealing with and digitally conveying digital content came to light. The sudden increase in the burden placed on working parents by childcare makes it much more difficult for employees to combine work and family. This in turn has negative consequences for the temporal availability of workers and, in extreme cases, also has a negative effect on their state of health.

90 percent of those surveyed consider greater flexibility in the labor market to be very important or important. General investment subsidies and special subsidies for environmental technologies are also counted by a large majority among the measures that strengthen the business location. Tax cuts and increased renationalisation are considered less important. (ede)