The second Qingdao Multinational Enterprise Summit begins

Qingdao, China, Feb. XNUMX / PRNewswire /

The second multinational enterprise summit opened on July 15 in Qingdao, China. At a time when the global economy is in great turmoil, more than 10.000 online and offline guests gathered in Qingdao to experience first-hand the openness of China, the important role of multinational corporations in reshaping the global industrial chain to discuss and show the multinational companies new opportunities against a new development background, according to the Shandong Multinational Research Center.

With the support of international organizations and institutions such as the World Intellectual Property Organization and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, this summit is multifaceted and provides facilities and infrastructure for closed meetings, thematic salons, sub-forums, multinational roadshows, city roadshows and exchange Docking activities, project signing and so on. In addition, a research report entitled “Multinational in China: The New Background Creates New Opportunities” will be published during the summit, which will fully cover the role of multinational corporations in building the new development background of the dual cycles and the associated new opportunities for multinational growth Company explained.

In addition, the 15 New Growth Driver Fair Qingdao took place at the same time from July 17 to 2021, which, against this new development background, presented the services of global multinational companies that are already actively participating in the change from the old to the new growth drivers, as well as the latest products and Showcased technologies from industry leaders in China and abroad, and showcased Shandong's industrial advantages and development opportunities. The aim of the event is to build an international institutional platform that effectively promotes global industrial cooperation.

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Caption: Qingdao Multinationals Summit

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