These are the tax plans of the FDP for the federal election

The FDP wants to relieve the Germans comprehensively of taxes and duties after the federal election. The draft for the election program also contains ideas for retirement. t-online shows the most important points.

Is it up to the FDP, should the Germans after the next Federal Elections fewer Taxes than currently have to pay. This emerges from a draft for the election manifesto of the Liberals, which is available to t-online. Accordingly, the party wants to "noticeably relieve the citizens and thus also provide impetus for economic recovery" in Germany.

Among other things, the Top tax rate only reach for higher incomes than currently. In addition, the FDP wants to abolish the beer and coffee tax, among other things. t-online summarizes the most important points of the tax plans:

  • The Top tax rate of 42 percent should only apply from an income of 90.000 euros instead of currently 56.000 euros. As a justification, the draft program literally states: "An average earner is not allowed to pay almost the highest tax rate."
  • At the Inheritance tax do not want to shake the liberals. Nevertheless, they reject “a further tightening”.
  • The solidarity surcharge the FDP wants, as has been called for several times in the past, to completely abolish it for all taxpayers - also for the wealthy and for companies that currently have to continue to pay it.
  • To make the tax return easier, the tax office should fill out the tax return for citizens in advance. This from the party "Easy Tax" This procedure is intended to ensure that taxpayers only have to confirm their tax return. This should also speed up the process. "The aim must be to receive the tax assessment within a few days," says the program.
  • The Free Democrats want to abolish “excess petty and steering taxes”. They included the Sparkling wine tax, which Beer tax and the Coffee tax. The reason: They create too much bureaucracy, which is offset by low income.
  • Anyone from home, i.e. in the Home Office, works, should be able to deduct the resulting costs more easily. Therefore, the FDP advocates an increased lump sum for advertising expenses.
  • The Double taxation of pensions should be prevented.
  • In order to promote the investment in shares, the FDP wants the so-called Speculation period reintroduce. Anyone who holds securities for more than three years should not have to pay a final withholding tax on any profits made when they are sold. In addition, the Savers allowance be raised.

In addition to these plans for tax reforms, there is also the long-known idea of ​​one "Liberal citizen money" back in the party's program, which was initially reported by “Welt am Sonntag”. With this, the FDP wants current social benefits like that Unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV), Housing benefit and combine child allowance into one state benefit.

Share pension and flexible retirement age

The Liberals also want to reform the state pension as well as the private retirement. An important element is the "share pension" that the FDP parliamentary group recently presented. In addition, Germans should be able to choose their retirement age themselves in the future. The draft program literally says: "Anyone who is 60 years of age and has at least the basic security level with all pension entitlements should decide for themselves when retirement begins."

The FDP wants to discuss the draft for its election manifesto on Tuesday before a party conference in mid-May will decide on it. Overall, the paper describes a “catch-up program”. The German press agency said the party leader Christian Lindner: “There has never been so much to do as now. This is our feeling. We are now at a turning point at the beginning of the 20s. "