That is why German savers are now under threefold pressure

Just a few weeks ago it looked as if real interest rates could be back in the medium term. But the tide has turned. Loss of wealth is programmed.

The general environment for savers can only be described as disastrous in 2021. There is so much money in accounts and in the form of cash deposits or fixed interest payments in Germany that savers lose 70 billion euros a year through negative interest rates or other burdens.

In other words, the money moves from one pocket, that of savers and money parkers, into the pocket of the state, which is still at zero and Negative interest new debt can.

The US is setting the pace when it comes to interest rates

However, the development of ten-year interest rates in the USA had given hope for 2022 and beyond until June. Because with the top in April there was at least 1,75 percent interest for ten-year US bonds, in June it was 1,6 percent. Since then, however, the curve has been falling and interest rates tipped below 1,3 percent last week.

In simple terms, this means: interest rate worries are significantly lower and economic worries tend to increase. The US Federal Reserve will push aside any thoughts of a rate hike and those too ECB said again last week, that inflation over two percent is gladly acceptedwithout having to take action on key interest rates.

Interest rate hikes are a long way off

As a result, the environment for those investors who park money in their accounts has deteriorated again. They come under threefold pressure: inflation is picking up noticeably, wages could also rise in the service sector and consumption is becoming more expensive. In the meantime, interest rates remain low and at the same time both the USA and China have already reached their growth peak this year.

Therefore, rate hikes are a long way off, as reflected in ten-year US bonds. “Inflation is the creditors 'hell and the debtors' paradise. The master plan of the governments and central banks is clearly visible, ”says Stefan Riße, capital market strategist at ACATIS Investment. “As so often in the past, they want debt relief through inflation of the Consumer prices. "

Loss of wealth is programmed

The old song remains more relevant than ever: Anyone who has money parked in their account, be it a few thousand euros or a little more, should try to compensate for a three to five percent loss of assets per year. That will keep investors busy in the coming week on the stock exchange.

But what is the composition of a three to five percent annual loss of wealth? Everyone can deduce this himself. Inflation adds at least two percent, bank charges or negative interest rates quickly add up to one to two percent and you arrive in this area.

Shares with dividend entitlement, investment certificates or growth shares, on the other hand, yield something. And their environment remains favorable as long as the price for money is close to zero. And the price for money is - the interest.