Dark Academia Trend: How the TikTok social network is fueling the retro lifestyle

"Dark Academia" was and is on social networks such as TikTok (over a billion views) and Instagram (over a million posts) that global trend that emerged during the COVID-19 crisis and has now also arrived in German-speaking countries. Starting in the USA, where this phenomenon first reached a broad media public through a New York Times article in June 2020, Dark Academia spread across the globe. In its March issue (No. 14/2021), “Zeit” titled this social media phenomenon with “The young lust for yesterday”.

“Dark Academia” offers space for the introverted but soulful intellectuals who, despite their love for heavy books, old art and architecture, have to place themselves in today's colorful and networked world and want to take part. A romantic return to a profound perception and, despite the fast-paced world, the desire for long-term thought processes and knowledge drives this trend. A connection that is inherent in the residents of Vienna as the often romanticized but modern capital of culture.

"The Ghost and The Machine" (TGATM) as the voice of the burgeoning Dark Academia scene

One of these residents of the Danube metropolis is Andreas Lechner, mastermind of the music project “The Ghost And The Machine”. Lechner is the epitome of a Dark Academia aesthet with his poetic lyrics, his unique vintage resonator guitars from the 30s and artistically inspiring content.

With his vision and stylistic orientation, will he be the founder of the “Dark Academia Pop” based in Vienna? The “The Ghost And The Machine” mastermind Andreas Lechner said: “For me it feels like arriving after a long creative and hard-working process in the right genre”.


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