Cum-Ex - it works

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After Peer Steinbrück, Olaf Scholz is the second SPD candidate for chancellor who comes into dubious contact with Cum-Ex

Photo: Chris Emil Janßen / Pool / Getty Images

Festivals should be celebrated as they come. This Tuesday provides two reasons to do one thing - two victories in the fight against the shameless financial crime of the rich that the poor can never afford.

The Bonn Regional Court has sentenced a banker to five and a half years in prison for his role in the Cum-Ex scandal. Having never paid taxes reimbursed multiple times by the state - Cum-Ex is probably the cheekiest scam in a profession that is really not poor in cheekiness, for which it now sets the first prison sentence for a banker. The convicted man was the general agent of the Warburg Bank in Hamburg, which immediately brings to mind Olaf Scholz: During his time as First Mayor, the City of Hamburg wanted to spare the Warburg Bank and forego the repayment of huge amounts in the millions. Scholz has met several times with Warburg owner Christian Olearius, but never wants to have any influence. After Peer Steinbrück, he is the second SPD candidate for chancellor who comes into dubious contact with Cum-Ex. With Norbert Walter-Borjans, the party has at least one boss who once initiated the investigation of the scandal and laid the foundation for the historic judgment.

Let us not forget who bears the main responsibility for ensuring that, in contrast to small companies, corporations can rob, evade and, above all, avoid taxes at unspeakable levels. The CDU and CSU could no longer prevent the public, country-specific tax reporting of large companies - it comes in Europe, the second reason to celebrate. This is what the Green Sven Giegold, who started at Attac, is now in the European Parliament: “I have been campaigning for it for 20 years.” He rightly calls the federal government's abstention because of the Union a “shame”; in the EU, transparency issues apply However, the majority principle, the brakes have lost: Corporations must submit data broken down by EU country, for example about profits. A milestone.

Attempts to circumvent it, like Cum-Ex cheekiness, will not end. But: there are judges, public prosecutors, whistleblowers and politicians who oppose it - and who are more and more opposed to it.