Corona pandemic is clouding the economy in the craft sector

The ongoing corona pandemic is also increasingly causing problems for crafts in Schleswig-Holstein. In the economic survey conducted by the Chamber of Skilled Crafts in Flensburg and Lübeck for the months of January, February and March, every fourth company reported a bad business situation, as the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Schleswig-Holstein reported on Monday. The industry expects a slight economic recovery in the next few months.

45 percent of the 400 or so companies responding to the survey reported a good quarter, 31 percent a satisfactory quarter and 24 percent a bad quarter. Compared to the previous quarter (56, 28 and 16 percent), the economic situation deteriorated noticeably.

"Even if the situation in large parts of the trades is still largely stable or even good, the situation of many trades gives cause for concern," commented Chamber President Ralf Stamer. Hairdressers and beauticians in particular suffered greatly, but also tailors, photographers and other trades suffering from the effects of the lockdown.

In addition to the sectors affected by the ordered closures, other areas also reported negative consequences. This is especially true for the motor vehicle trade. In the main construction and finishing trades, however, the business situation is still predominantly good, it said. Overall, many companies signaled falling sales and order backlogs as well as declining investments. Nevertheless, the great majority reported stable employment figures.

The skilled trades are expecting a slight recovery in the second quarter of 2021. 28 percent of the companies expect an improvement, 60 percent with no change and 12 percent with a worse business situation. The majority of companies are assuming that the order situation and sales trend will remain more or less the same.