Corona aid - According to AK, it takes up to 8 billion per year

The Chamber of Labor demands that the government translate its announcements into action. “The federal government's announced comeback plan must first be filled with concrete plans. So far only headings have been presented. In addition, this plan would have been necessary in the summer or autumn of last year, ”said AK-Wien chief economist Markus Marterbauer on Tuesday. He expects an investment requirement of seven to eight billion euros per year.

According to Marterbauer, the financing is not a problem because the interest rate level for government bonds is still negative. In his view, the social security of unemployed people - and especially of the long-term unemployed - must be much better in order to prevent poverty. “70 percent of all long-term unemployed and 60 percent of all children who live in households with long-term unemployed are at risk of poverty. If the jobs don't exist, the people have to be covered. We need higher unemployment benefits and better needs-based minimum income, ”said Marterbauer in a broadcast.

1,5 billion more for employment offensive

In addition, it is important to get people back into employment. And since the reintegration allowance appears to be of little interest to companies, other steps are needed. “Measures must be taken at the non-profit level to reintegrate the long-term unemployed into the labor market. The government has to make an additional 1,5 billion euros available for this this year, ”said Marterbauer.

Overall, the AK-Wien chief economist expects additional expenditure of seven to eight billion euros per year - for better social security, for better integration of the long-term unemployed, for qualification (from jobs with poor prospects such as tourism to jobs with good prospects such as e.g. in care) and for investments in climate protection. (apa)