Corona - A treat here, a threat there

A treat here, a threat there

Registration places in the Munich vaccination center

Photo: kolbert-press / IMAGO

In the market economy, the liberal economy teaches, the value of goods is determined by supply and demand. The famous glass of water in the desert then has to serve to disguise the profit-driven speculative character of capitalism, the clientele becomes the protagonist of greed.

With the corona vaccine, things are a bit more complicated because state intervention helps determine prices and distribution. At the level of demand, however, the liberal dictum is currently having an impact: In the months of scarcity, the interest of those willing to vaccinate went through the roof, now, when a certain market saturation occurs, it is waning. The vaccination loses its exclusive character, and if everyone is allowed to shop and travel anyway, why then still this prick with the unpleasant side effects?

The current relaxation of the pandemic situation, demonstrated in irresponsibly overcrowded football stadiums during the European Championship or through withdrawn protective measures such as by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, spreads deceptive security, which is critically commented, not least by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), who has long since gone into hiding.

Politicians are currently reacting extremely allergically to so-called truant vaccinations, people who miss their second vaccination appointment and thus “waste” the valuable substance - as if we were not living in a wasteful society anyway. A premature epidemic return of the virus in Germany would be immensely inconvenient before the federal elections. That is why on the one hand threatening gestures in the form of penalties for those who fail to be vaccinated are being used, and on the other hand "treats" are used to activate those who have not yet been vaccinated. What is meant are tangible advantages, such as those proposed by the head of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Andreas Gassen: In principle, all corona measures should be omitted for those who have been completely vaccinated. And Saxony is laboring on a bonus system, such as discounts for services.

Behind it appears what the Standing Vaccination Commission takes for granted to protect children and adolescents, because they benefit little from the vaccination. Why should citizens get vaccinated for the sake of fictitious herd immunity? Is this collective obligation reasonable, provided that there is no compulsory vaccination? On the other hand: Isn't the majority of people sensible enough that a sausage has to be held out to them like the Pavlovian dog in order to howl in solidarity? In any case, the contradicting signals from relaxation offers and warning lights are not suitable for conveying a sober picture of the situation.

The highly contagious Delta variant is now spreading faster and faster in Germany, and bad news is coming from Israel, the model country in the fight against corona. Since the beginning of June, the effectiveness of the vaccination there has fallen from over 95 to 64 percent. Although more than half of the population is fully vaccinated, not only the number of infections is increasing, but also the symptomatic, albeit less severe, Covid-19 diseases. At the moment, life in this country with the virus is quite good outside of the intensive care units. We don't know how long. But the children shouldn't have to sit in front of the home screen for another school year.