Commerzialbank Mattersburg - Investigations also against FMA board member Ettl

The Commerzialbank Mattersburg case is also being investigated against Helmut Ettl, member of the Financial Market Authority, on suspicion of a possible violation of official secrecy. The "Kurier" reports (Friday). For a few days Ettl has been listed as a suspect, the presumption of innocence applies. Neither the FMA nor the Economic and Corruption Public Prosecutor's Office (WKStA) wanted to comment, they say. The APA confirmed the investigation.

It is about the flow of information shortly before the bank closes - specifically, a telephone contact on July 14, 2020, before the Financial Market Authority (FMA) announced to the public at 23.43 p.m. that Cb Mattersburg is prohibited from continuing operations.

On that day, the Burgenland governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) called him, Ettl said in December in the Cb-U committee of the state parliament in Eisenstadt - and not he the governor, as he had stated in his survey.

Connection to Doskozil?

In contrast, a senior state employee (group leader Marlies Stubits) testified in February that she had been called by Ettl on the afternoon of July 14th at 14.00 p.m., as he was looking for LH Doskozil's cell phone number. Ettl and Stubits used to be colleagues at the National Bank; in the phone call he reported that the FMA was conducting investigations into a financial institution in Burgenland due to “grosser malversations”. Ettl also said, according to Stubits, that he would like to inform the governor in the evening and, in the worst case, a government commissioner could be appointed. He also said that the Malversations were so large that they would hit the media nationwide.

The question of who informed the national company RMB, which tried (unsuccessfully) to collect 2,5 million euros shortly before the bank was blocked, is still open, recalls the “courier”. Via a spokesman, Ettl responded to “the publicly known statement of the President of the Financial Procuratorate, Dr. Wolfgang Peschorn ”.

The lawyer of the republic had actually found in an expert opinion that the transfer of information from Ettl to Doskozil fell under administrative assistance - because the state was responsible for the auditing task for the majority owner of the bank - and was therefore not a breach of duty. Assuming that Ettl really only told the governor that the FMA would close the bank and appoint a government commissioner.

Presumption of false statement

There is also a complaint against Ettl at the Eisenstadt public prosecutor's office, which is currently still being examined, it said on Friday at the APA. The ÖVP Burgenland reported the FMA chief after the conclusion of the investigation committee because of suspected false statements in his questioning. Likewise, Governor Doskozil, since the statements of the two in the U-Committee about the flow of information on July 14th would contradict each other.

There is also a complaint from the SPÖ against the National Bank Vice-Governor Gottfried Haber, also because of suspected false statements in the U-Committee. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor said that all three ads are still being examined. The ÖVP Burgenland spoke in a broadcast of a “bang” in view of the WKStA investigations against the “SPÖ-related FMA board member Ettl”. (apa)