Comdirect customers receive bank statements from strangers

The online bank Comdirect had technical problems on Monday. Several customers report to t-online that they could download foreign datasets. 

The online bank Comdirect had to struggle with technical problems on Monday. Several customers reported to t-online that they had incorrectly received bank statements from other customers. In addition, the account and securities account overview could not be called up at times. A spokeswoman for Commerzbank Commerzbank share The institute belonging to the institute confirmed this: "We are in the process of correcting the disruption, we are working flat out." Transfers and securities orders are still possible despite the disruption.

The problem was in the morning and afternoon

Customers came across third-party account statements quite unexpectedly: Anyone who viewed their account history for the last 30 days was offered a file to download. Inside was a bank statement from someone else's. The name of the person was not listed, but otherwise all movements of the deposited accounts, checking accounts as well as credit cards and stock market transactions, were listed. In some cases, the actual account holder could be determined quickly from the transfers. 

Apparently, the problem identified in the morning also existed again in the early afternoon, after Comdirect first blocked access to the account and deposit overview and then released it again. The company wrote on Twitter that the malfunction had unfortunately recurred. The company confirmed that "in certain constellations there could be a brief problem with the sales CSV export function". 

At Comdirect, there had already been a comparable case in 2016 in which customers were able to view other customers' accounts online due to a data breach. According to Commerzbank, the Comdirect, based in Quickborn (Schleswig-Holstein), has almost two million customers, including Comdirect, Commerzbank, which is listed in the MDax index, currently has around eleven million private customers.