CO2 injection: storage project “Northern Lights” meets with high demand - WELT

Dhe Norwegian project "Northern Lights" for storing CO2 in the seabed is making great strides. “We already have around 50 to 60 customers from various European industrial sectors with an intended storage requirement of around 50 million tons of CO2 per year ”, said Irene Rummelhoff, top manager at the Norwegian energy company Equinor WELT AM SONNTAG. The company is one of the project sponsors.

With the “Northern Lights” storage project, Norway is currently preparing large-scale deep injection of carbon dioxide. Because the industry across Europe is getting higher and higher prices for CO2If you have to pay authorizations, the injection of carbon dioxide several thousand meters deep in the seabed should be economical before 2030. The technology is intended to offset unavoidable emissions such as those from agriculture.

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The Hellisheidi thermal power plant in Iceland. A system from Climeworks can be seen on the site, which can extract CO2 from the air

Climate Protection

Numerous North Sea neighbors, in addition to Norway the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain, are preparing, some with billions of dollars Injection of large amounts of CO2 in the seabed. According to current scenarios by the IPCC, the International Energy Agency or the Agora Energiewende think tank, underground CO2Storage is essential for achieving climate neutrality because certain sectors such as agriculture or the cement industry only have limited opportunities for CO2-Have savings.

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