CDU presidium for Armin Laschet as candidate for chancellor

The CDU-The Presidium has a large majority in favor of a candidate for chancellor by the party leader Armin Laschet posed. The Hessian Prime Minister confirmed this Volker bouffier on Monday after a meeting of the Bureau in Berlin. But no decision was made - this was also not planned.

Bouffier added, referring to Laschet, that the Presidium had made it clear “that we consider him exceptionally suitable and asked him to join us Markus Söder now to discuss the further way together, how we do it «. The challenge is so great "that we can only tackle it together," he said, citing the management of the pandemic and the situation in Europe.

“We believe the Union can do it best. But it can only do that if the CDU and Christian Social Union are very close together and we will bring it to an end in a really good process. «He is confident that this will be successful.

In surveys, Laschet is behind Söder

At the meeting of the presidium, "almost all the members of the presidium had their say," it said. Several participants had made it clear that "the current polls should not determine the decision on the candidate question." In surveys, Laschet is currently well behind Söder.

The Prime Minister of Sachsen-Anhalt, Pure Haseloff, according to information from the dpa in the meeting, called for a swift and then amicable result of the debate.

Brinkhaus urges a decision

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus previously had to make a decision between the two candidates urged later this week.

Following the presidium meeting, Laschet also wanted to campaign for support in the larger party executive committee. Laschet and Söder publicly announced their willingness to run for the first time on Sunday. Laschet wanted to inform the public in the early afternoon about the result of the deliberations of the CDU leadership. It was originally planned that the General Secretary Paul Ziemiak asks questions.

In the afternoon, the CSU Presidium also wanted to discuss the question of the candidate for chancellor. Söder made his candidacy on Sunday in a joint appearance with Laschet in front of the head of the Union faction dependent on broad support from the CDU. The Bavarian Prime Minister promised that otherwise he would classify himself and work with Laschet without resentment.