CDU in Berlin for Markus Söder as candidate for chancellor

Today the CDU Presidium is discussing the question of the candidate for chancellor: The Berlin regional association has now backed itself up Christian Social Union-Chef Markus Söder posed. The presidium of the capital city CDU unanimously voted for a candidacy for the Bavarian Prime Minister, said the CDU state chairman Kai Wegner on Monday.

»Markus Söder is the hands-on, successful crisis manager, the Germany can lead out of the pandemic and make the country future-proof, "said Wegner. With Armin Laschet and Söder, the Union has two strong Prime Ministers as chairmen of the CDU and CSU, both of whom have what it takes to be Federal Chancellor, emphasized Wegner, but also said: "We are convinced that people even more trust Markus Söder to lead Germany well."

The parliamentary group leader of the Union in the Bundestag, Ralph Brinkhausasks one swift agreement from CDU and Christian Social Union on a common candidate for chancellor. His wish is that the decision can be finalized this week, he said on Monday in the ARD morning magazine. Söder had previously announced that he expected a decision in the next ten days.

Five months until the federal election are very short, according to Brinkhaus. That is why they want to start the election campaign and sharpen their programs again. "And for that we need a top candidate, and we don't want to wait another three or four weeks." The parliamentary groups would meet for this purpose, as would the party praesidia. "We want it to be amicable, we don't want to have any fighting votes in any committees," said the group leader. The aim is to "go into autumn together with a candidate".

His vice countered this Carsten Linnemann on Deutschlandfunk that he would list the arguments in the federal executive committee that spoke in favor of Laschet. Laschet has "the best chances" of becoming the Union's candidate for chancellor and then federal chancellor. "I'm sure that the federal executive will welcome the nomination, and I'm also sure that the presidium will do it." He also expects the sister party to do the same.

The decision would "of course" be preceded by discussions. It is about the debate and a roadmap. "I'm sure that we haven't got a candidate tonight." The parliamentary group also wanted to be heard. It is important that a decision is made in the next few days.

NRW local association for Söder

As the first CDU local association in North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld has publicly spoken out in favor of Söder (CSU) as the Union's candidate for chancellor. "Söder has charisma," said the local association chairman Christian Rütz on Monday of the German press agency in Düsseldorf. "The population trusts him to cope with the crisis," said the lawyer, who is also a CDU councilor in the state capital. Therefore, the vote of the board in the 30-member small CDU local association in the Düsseldorf working-class district Lierenfeld was unanimous for the Bavarian Prime Minister.

"As a local association at the grassroots in North Rhine-Westphalia, we want a top candidate who enjoys good approval ratings from the population through stringent action and who gives the Union a strong starting position in the federal elections," says a press release from the small party cell. "That is why the Presidium should propose Markus Söder as a joint candidate for Chancellor of the CDU and CSU for Germany."