CDU advises on the Union's candidacy for chancellor

CDU advises on the Union's candidacy for chancellor

Armin Laschet

Armin Laschet is CDU Federal Chairman and Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa

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Armin Laschet or Markus Söder? In Berlin, the top of the CDU advises on its candidate for chancellor. In the afternoon, the presidium of the sister party CSU meets on the same question.

The CDU presidium met to deliberate on the Union's candidacy for chancellor. It is expected that the executive committee will back up party leader Armin Laschet, who is fighting with CSU leader Markus Söder for the top post for the federal election in September.

"It is clear that the CDU presidium is behind its party chairman," said Saarland's Prime Minister Tobias Hans before the start of the meeting. But that is not the question at all. «We are discussing how we should approach the question of the candidacy for chancellor and how we can use the opportunities for our country in the 20s. It's about the country above all. "

On Sunday, both Laschet and Söder had declared their readiness to run as candidate for chancellor of the Union. Söder made this dependent on the support of the CDU.

The deputy CDU chairwoman Julia Klöckner announced a timely decision. "We have to decide now," she said when she arrived at the bureau meeting. Neither the members nor the population understand anything else. «We are in times that are very uncertain. One would like to have clarity. And we will take care of that too. " Klöckner emphasized: “With us they say: A button has to be attached to it. Because whoever does not act will be treated. " Anything you put on the bench won't get better.

Klöckner said that Laschet ruled the largest federal state. He has very integrative skills. "I think that's very important." The CDU will, however, clearly stick to what has been agreed with the CSU. "I am confident that we will find a good way there."

Hans contradicted the impression that it was about a "showdown". "The fact that there are two highly successful party leaders and prime ministers who are highly respected at the grassroots level and who are available to take the fate of the Federal Republic into their own hands is an opportunity." The CDU politician emphasized that the presidium was “not a crisis meeting” for him. «We shouldn't be too cramped about it. It's an opportunity session. We discuss with our chairman how we can regulate this so that in the end the Union stays together and we remain a team. "

The Presidium, the closest leadership circle around Laschet, met for the first time in months. Laschet wanted to secure the support of the management bodies there and later on the board. He would "ask for trust," he said on Sunday evening on ARD. The party will then make a recommendation. There should be no decision.

However, when asked whether there would be a vote today, the Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, said: "Yes, I think so." Laschet himself did not comment when he arrived at the presidium meeting.