Bus driver strike in Rhineland-Palatinate is suspended

Mainz (dpa / lrs) - The strike by private bus drivers in Rhineland-Palatinate is suspended. With the start of the shift on Monday (July 12th), the buses should start rolling again, announced the Verdi union in Mainz on Saturday. Verdi and the employers had previously agreed on what is known as mediation. The first agreement meeting will take place next week, said Verdi negotiator Marko Bärschneider. Many schoolchildren were also affected by bus cancellations due to strikes.

The collective bargaining dispute has lasted for more than two years. It is about Verdi's demand for an increase in wages and payment for idle times, i.e. breaks during a work shift. According to the union, Verdi is aiming for a wage level similar to that in the Rhineland-Palatinate neighboring states of Hesse and Baden-Württemberg for the 3500 bus drivers.

On the matter, there was "fundamental agreement" with the Association of Employers' Associations of the Rhineland-Palatinate Transport Industry, said Bärschneider. So far, however, the state has not given a commitment to refinance the additional costs of an agreement. It is now certain that the country will participate.

Two experts who already have experience in the field of public transport are planned as mediators.