Bundestag election: 53 parties can participate

26 parties can take part in the Bundestag election on September 53th. That was decided by the federal electoral committee in its two-day meeting, which ended on Friday. Among them are those already in Bundestag or represented in a state parliament CDU, Christian Social Union, SPD, FDP, Left, Greens, AfD, Free Voters and the BVB / Free Voters. In addition, 44 smaller parties and associations were officially recognized as parties, which is a prerequisite for participating in the Bundestag election.

A total of 88 such groups had indicated to the Federal Returning Officer Georg Thiel that they wanted to run in the fall. However, one of them had not done so within the legally prescribed time limit. It was not recognized as a party within the meaning of the Political Parties Act, as were 43 other groups. Many of them failed because of the requirement to report their finances on a regular and timed basis. Others had only contacted the Federal Returning Officer via the Internet. However, this must be done in writing and with original signatures.

No evaluation of the program

The Federal Electoral Committee only checked whether the applicants for the election were complying with the prescribed formalities. He was not allowed to evaluate the content of the parties' program.

In this way, the grouping "The III.", Classified as a "right-wing extremist small party" by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Weg «allowed for election. The most famous party that failed was the DKP. In the past few years, the communists had always submitted their reports of accounts considerably late and thus failed to meet the requirements of the party law.

The APPD - the Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany - was also not admitted. The group advertises on the Internet with the slogan "Work is shit". She submitted her application for admission to the election only by email. That was not enough for the Federal Returning Officer.

Other less well-known associations such as the »Garden Party«, the »Animal Welfare Alliance«, »Volt Germany«, the »Team Todenhöfer« and »Menschliche Welt« were admitted.

The South Schleswig Voters' Association (SSW), which has so far only been represented in the Kiel state parliament and represents the Danish minority, also made it. The SSW was also recognized as a party of national minorities. The five percent clause does not apply to him. He also doesn't have to submit supporters' signatures like the other small parties. Because of the corona pandemic, however, the Bundestag had reduced the minimum number of signatures to a quarter - to a maximum of 500 for state lists and a uniform 50 for district election proposals.