Federal plans for trade meet with incomprehension

The federal plans for a tougher lockdown in retail with particularly high corona numbers are met with sharp criticism in Lower Bavaria. “If all retail stores have to close with an incidence of 100 or more, this means for the Lower Bavarian border districts: The stores will still be open for months. That would be an absolute catastrophe, ”says a letter from the Lower Bavarian District Assembly President Olaf Heinrich to members of the Bundestag from the region.

"Despite the additional vaccination doses for the border districts: an incidence of less than 100 is not realistic in the next few weeks," wrote Heinrich (CSU) according to a statement on Saturday. “That is why I urgently appeal, at least up to an incidence of 200, to enable shops to“ Click and Meet ”after a negative rapid test.” Otherwise, many shops in eastern Lower Bavaria would have to close permanently.

The federal government's plans have been met with opposition for days. The changes to the Infection Protection Act passed on Tuesday provide, among other things, that most shops and restaurants are not allowed to open if the incidence is higher. Certain businesses are to be excluded, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, drug stores, gas stations, bookstores and garden centers. Distance and hygiene concepts should apply here.

The free voters want to take a constitutional complaint at the Federal Constitutional Court against the tightening of the Infection Protection Act.