Bulgaria's head of government waives another term of office

Boiko Borisov Bulgaria's head of government waives another term of office

Boiko Borisov

Boiko Borissow, Prime Minister of Bulgaria renounces another term of office. Photo: Sina Schuldt / dpa

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At the beginning of April, his pro-European GERB had again become the strongest party in the parliamentary elections. But forging a government alliance under Prime Minister Borisov is difficult.

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boiko Borisov is withdrawing after more than a decade. The 61-year-old announced in Sofia on Wednesday that he was not aiming for a fourth term.

Borissov announced that he would propose another candidate for the post with a "very clear European NATO orientation". He does not want to divide the Bulgarian people. He did not give names. Borisov has been Prime Minister since 2009, with brief interruptions.

In the parliamentary elections at the beginning of April, his pro-European GERB was again the strongest party in the EU and NATO member states with 26 percent of the vote. With 75 seats, she clearly missed the majority in the 240-member parliament. Like the CDU / CSU, the GERB belongs to the EPP parliamentary group in the European Parliament. Last year, demonstrators repeatedly called for the Prime Minister to resign in connection with allegations of corruption.

As the strongest political force, according to the Bulgarian constitution, the GERB must be tasked with forming a new government. In the fragmented parliament with a total of six parties, however, it is unlikely to be able to bring about a new coalition. The five other parties reject a government alliance with the Borissov party.

If the GERB fails, the head of state Rumen Radew would have to pass on the task of forming a government to the second strongest force, the system-critical “There is such a people” ITN (17,6 percent, 51 seats). Its chairman Slawi Trifonow, a TV presenter and cabaret artist, has not yet made a clear statement about his plans. Trifonow is currently under quarantine due to a Covid 19 disease. The newly elected parliament will hold its first session this Thursday.