Brexit: Brits have to pay more to exit the EU

The exit from the European Union (EU) is coming Great Britain more expensive than expected. The government in London has to pay the EU 47,5 billion euros as part of the Brexit exit agreement, according to the EU budget report for 2020. The total is higher than originally assumed. The British independent budgetary authority OBR had estimated the amount at just 2018 billion euros in March 41,4, the higher amount was first reported by RTE News.

Great Britain left the international community in January 2020. A transition phase, in which the country still adhered to the rules of the EU internal market, ended on December 31st.

It's been five years since a narrow majority of British voters left the other countries Europe shocked and voted to leave the EU. Since this vote in favor of a Brexit, it has been clear that Great Britain no longer wants to be part of the unifying Europe. However, it is still unclear where the British leave after they leave Europe want.