Biontech: Germany should get more than five million cans per week

Deliveries of Biontech vaccine after Germany should increase massively from the week after next. According to SPIEGEL information, the manufacturers are planning Biontech and Pfizer to deliver 26 million cans of Comirnaty to the Federal Republic of Germany over a four-week period from April 3,4th. That is around 900.000 cans more than previously planned.

From the end of May to the end of June, five batches with 5,135 million portions each will come to Germany. That would be around twice as much as Biontech and Pfizer are currently delivering. In total, more than 45 million cans of "Comirnaty" are expected to arrive in Germany by the end of the quarter: about ten million more cans than previously planned.

Germany's vaccination centers and general practitioners urgently need around ten million additional doses after the many setbacks with vaccines from other manufacturers.

AstraZeneca has repeatedly broken its delivery promises; Johnson & Johnson has had the since the beginning of March United States supplied, but not the EU - although the vaccine was made in the Netherlands. And the US company has stopped the market launch in Europe planned for this week because of the investigation of isolated cases of sinus vein thrombosis in American vaccinated people.

In terms of quantity, the additional Biontech deliveries could not compensate for a complete failure of Johnson & Johnson, which is currently still unlikely. Germany was to receive 10,1 million doses of this vaccine; In contrast to "Comirnaty", however, this only has to be administered once.

But the Biontech vaccine is much more popular with Germans than the other products. In addition, Biontech and Pfizer have been reliably delivering the agreed quantities for weeks - recently even a little more than announced.

And so »Comirnaty« forms the backbone of the German immunization campaign with more than 15 million out of a total of over 20 million vaccine doses administered. This number will now quadruple within three months - under two conditions. First, Biontech / Pfizer must keep their promises. And secondly, the doctors responsible must manage to administer the substance to the people.