Accounting scandal - Commerzialbank: SPÖ Burgenland wants further clarification at the federal level

The SPÖ Burgenland continued to urge clarification at the federal level on Monday after the U-Committee on Commerzialbank Mattersburg was concluded. By means of an urgency request in the state parliament session on Thursday, among other things, the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry is required, explained club boss Robert Hergovich at a press conference.

The case was a “criminal case of a private bank”, and the supervisory board, national bank and financial market supervisory authority failed, according to Hergovich. The expert and the trial judge, however, came to the conclusion that the country had acted correctly. In the investigation committee, the clarification was only possible to a limited extent, since no files were provided by the federal government: “There is no legal, but a moral obligation. The ÖVP and the Greens did not comply. "

The club chairman therefore announced an urgency request, because “the government's failure by the federal government must have consequences”. What is required are an independent commission of inquiry, new structures in banking supervision to prevent such cases, and control of compliance regulations. Hergovich also insists on federal financial measures for damaged private individuals, companies or communities.

With the urgency request, the SPÖ wants to "send a clear signal to Vienna: Now it is the federal government's turn." Since the other parties have made positive comments in the past about an independent commission of inquiry, Hergovich is now expecting their approval.

Opposition submits its final report to the U-Committee

Meanwhile, on Monday the opposition presented its final report to the committee of inquiry into Commerzialbank Mattersburg. ÖVP, FPÖ and Greens explain their respective findings from the surveys and contradict procedural judge Walter Pilgermair and his report on a number of points. The three parliamentary groups see the country's misconduct in the cause and demand consequences. The SPÖ emphasized that the report was “not factually relevant”.

ÖVP club chairman Markus Ulram emphasized that political responsibility lies with the SPÖ. She is the “midwife” of the Commerzialbank, not least because she has decided that the state will take over the role of auditing association for the majority owner of the bank. "Without the SPÖ it would not have existed in this way," said Ulram. The Social Democrats would have subsequently benefited from the bank and failed to exercise their supervisory duties.

Ulram criticized that the SPÖ was not interested in clarification. Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) announced that anyone attacking with ex-bank boss Martin Pucher would have to leave. Nothing happened to former governor Hans Niessl and Mattersburg's mayor Ingrid Salamon (both SPÖ), although they are said to have received presents, which Niessl rejects.

FPÖ state party chairman Alexander Petschnig emphasized that, unlike the trial judge, he certainly sees a "Pucher system". The ex-bank boss distributed jobs, supervisory board mandates, bogus loans and gifts. "Pucher has made himself invulnerable to the point where those who should have noticed it no longer had the Animo to clear it up," said Petschnig.

Bank already "de facto bankrupt" when it was founded

Another important finding of the U Committee was that the bank was "de facto bankrupt" at the time it was founded. “It should never have been founded,” said Petschnig. He also expects resignations in the communities that would have benefited economically and politically from the Commerzialbank, above all Mattersburg, Hirm and Draßburg.

Greens club chairwoman Regina Petrik sees the main mistake of the country in taking over the activity as an auditing association. She is convinced that the scandal could have been exposed earlier if the country had given up this task again in 2014, as planned. "Pucher would have had to look for another auditing association and then they would have looked very carefully," said Petrik. In general, the U Committee had shown that decisions were prepared and documented “sloppily and irresponsibly”.

Above all, Petrik demands more transparency, also because the situation is currently similar to that when the bank was founded in 1994. “At that time you had a bank that was ailing. Today the governor steps in and saves companies that have only kept themselves alive through the frauds of the Commerzialbank, ”said Petrik, referring to the state's participation in the roofing company Zimmermann and the Façade professional Stangl.

The report of the opposition, like the final report of the procedural judge, will be dealt with in the state parliament session next Thursday.

On the sidelines of a press conference, SPÖ club boss Robert Hergovich said on the report of the opposition parties that this was the right of the minority: “But irrelevant. The report of the independent judge is relevant. ”Hergovich further stated:“ This is a party political report and that is how it is to be assessed. It is not factually relevant. "(Apa)