Relationship: These 3 signs show you that you are not ready yet

Finding the right partner for life is not that easy. Especially because everyone has different wishes and expectations. Some people are not looking for anything serious, others are looking for the great love of their life. Then there are some who want certain criteria to be met and others who just blindly plunge into one love adventure after the other.

However, before things get serious, you should ask yourself a few questions. Above all: Am I ready for a relationship at all? There are some hints and Signs that show you aren't and maybe should wait a little longer.

1. You are still thinking about your ex

Your ex and you broke up a long time ago, but somehow he or she still doesn't seem to go completely out of your head? You still have to cry every now and then when you think about the breakup, your mood changes immediately as soon as you hear his or her name or you haven't been able to part with all the gifts and memories yet.

As long as you still have an inner longing for your last relationship and the person, you should first concentrate on giving your current feelings full concentration. Rushing straight into a new partnership is not a good idea, because you probably only want to distract yourself because you have the longing for security and love that you miss from your ex.

First try to complete it completely before you give your new flame signals, because this is the only way you can start a new chapter with a clear and clear conscience. In this way you protect your feelings as well as those of your counterpart.

2. You are unsure about the person

The new person you are dating is quite nice but something still bothers you about her or him? Then take it slow. No need to enter into a committed relationship straight away if you are not at all sure about the person yourself. Use more dates to get to know your counterpart better and to clear up any misunderstandings. It will be worth it for you either way: Either you realize that the person really does not suit you and can complete things in time, or over time you really fall in love and can look forward to a happy relationship.

3. You are not willing to compromise

Struggling to compromise? Then you should listen more carefully now. Even if it sounds mean, but as long as you are selfish and selfish, you will never be happy in a relationship. If you want a long-term partnership, you have to learn to accept the opinions of others and to let go. If you only want your wishes to be implemented and not those of your partner, then you are not ready for a relationship.

But how do you learn to be willing to compromise? Feel your way slowly. Start by writing down your priorities and then things that are negotiable for you. Focus more on the positive after-effects that jump out for you and not just on the negative aspects. So, slowly but surely, you can teach yourself to compromise.

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