Fraud - Commerzialbank: 8,6 million flowed through roofing to football club

In the case of Commerzialbank Mattersburg, around EUR 8,6 million gross should have flowed to SV Mattersburg (SVM) and SVM Profisport GmbH via the roofing of the former third deputy chairman of the supervisory board, Ernst Zimmermann. This is shown by the interim report of an expert report for the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor's Office (WKStA), which the APA has received. He sees irregularities in outgoing invoices to customers and payments made by the roofing company.

An evaluation of the sales lists of the Mattersburger roofing company showed that payments of around 20 million euros were "objectively conspicuous". Between 2009 and 2012, inconsistencies were found in approximately 94 percent of cash deposits. There were 330 conspicuous cash deposits that were not shown as such in the accounts.

Sometimes two or more customers would have deposited cash in one day. In some cases, the customer accounts in the accounting did not match the text according to the sales list - the names were swapped. In the past, Zimmermann repeatedly refused to have known about irregularities in the bank, the presumption of innocence applies.

Conspicuous in invoice documents

In the case of 27 outgoing invoice documents to customers, which were evaluated in the interim report, something was also found. All of them have the same clerk and apart from the customer number, no other customer data. With the exception of one Viennese, the specified customers all have their place of residence in Lower Austria, according to the documents.

A total of around 2008 million euros gross flowed from Zimmermann GmbH to SV Mattersburg and SVM Profisport GmbH between 2018 and 8,6, largely due to sponsoring, according to the booking texts. VIP tickets were also bought for around 41.000 euros. The sum corresponds to a total of around 43 percent of the objectively conspicuous payments to the roofing company, according to the interim report.

The booking was also not carried out correctly by the roofing company. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, for example, the expenses were shown to be lower than they actually were. If correctly booked, the 2013 to 2016 annual results would have been negative. The roofing company's equity would have been negative since December 31, 2007, but the company reported positive equity from 2014 to 2017, the report said.

Confessions from Pucher

The "courier" reported on Wednesday of the actions of the trustee Adalbert Hausmann. He had brought three lawsuits against tax advisor Harald R. for SV Mattersburg and the two subsidiaries SVM Profisport GmbH and SVM Gastronomiebetriebs GmbH, because he should have noticed the various malversations. There are also two lawsuits against two annual auditors. The tax advisor had also worked in part for the Commerzialbank. According to the report, Hausmann is demanding EUR 2,18 million in damages from him, and a total of EUR 1,43 million from the auditors. The tax advisor's lawyer rejects the accusation, because even the FMA and OeNB have not found any irregularities despite their audits since 2015. The bank was only closed by the financial market regulator in 2020. The lawyer also referred to the confessions of Martin Pucher and Franziska Klikovits, from which it emerged that the tax advisor was "not part of the circle of informants".

According to a “standard” report, also from Wednesday, the ÖVP Vienna brings a statement of facts to the public prosecutor's office against unknown persons, since the two non-profit Viennese housing developers Gesiba and the social construction group had invested millions at Cb. The ÖVP is suspected of infidelity in the room. (apa)