Companies want to vaccinate employees against Corona

Corona vaccination directly at the workplace: Many Hamburg companies consider this a practical solution. It is not yet clear when enough vaccine will be available - by then, the companies are prepared for the process.

In Hamburg more and more companies want their employees to have a coronavaccination enable in-house. In addition to the Lufthansa already have the Otto Group, Beiersdorf and Haspa announced corresponding plans, as the Chamber of Commerce announced on request.

The Chamber of Commerce itself will also make its premises available as an inter-company vaccination center for small and medium-sized companies, as these often do not have their own company doctors. The social authority announced that it would support the companies in their plans.

800.000 employees could be reached in this way

"Hamburg's economy is ready," said Chamber of Commerce President Norbert Aust of the German Press Agency. The 172.000 member companies could make an important contribution to the vaccination campaign. "With the low-threshold and time-efficient range of company vaccinations and a corresponding information campaign in the company, we can reach up to 800.000 employees," said Aust. The decisive factor now is the planning for the day when sufficient vaccine is available and the vaccination prioritization has been lifted.

According to its own statements, the Chamber of Commerce started a dialogue with the Hamburg company doctors more than a month ago. At the end of the month, a meeting with the social welfare authority and company doctors is also planned.

The spokeswoman for the social welfare agency emphasized that it was not yet clear when sufficient vaccine would be available. If this is the case, however, “we expressly welcome a vaccination by the company doctors, because this is us with the vaccinations against the Coronavirus further advances ".