Employees at the VW plant in Emden will go into short-time work from Monday

As of Monday, the assembly lines in the Emden Volkswagen plant will be largely idle due to a lack of electronic components. A VW spokeswoman said on Friday in Emden that the majority of employees will be on short-time work until the end of April. The measure is therefore designed for two weeks. According to the works council, 8000 to 9000 employees are affected. In some departments, for example in the company's own press shop or in the realignment of the plant for the construction of electric vehicles, work should continue as normal, said the company spokeswoman.

It was announced on Thursday that short-time work had been registered for the Emden location for April. The car manufacturer cites problems with the replenishment of semiconductor components as the reason. The materials are used in numerous high-tech products such as microchips in electronic systems. There are also restrictions at other car manufacturers due to semiconductor bottlenecks. The VW plant in Emden was already affected by two weeks of short-time work in January.