Berlin: Dozens of election workers apparently jumped off after receiving the vaccination certificate

Votes on September 26th Germany a new Bundestag - and is looking for tens of thousands of election workers. Those who register for voluntary work are entitled to a corona vaccination. In Berlin this offer seems to have been the right opportunity for some to get vaccinated early. Like the »Tagesspiegel« reported, dozens of electoral workers resigned from their voluntary work after receiving the vaccination certificate.

According to the district office, 60 people in the Berlin district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg withdrew their willingness to volunteer as election workers shortly after or in direct connection with receiving a vaccination certificate. The electoral office is examining the initiation of an administrative offense, said the responsible city councilor Christiane Heiß (Greens) of the news agency dpa. Election workers belong to priority group three.

City councilor Heiß criticized the behavior: "A cancellation not only leads to additional work, but also endangers the proper implementation of the election." Cancellations should only be made for certain reasons, such as family or professional obligations. If the reason for the rejection is not sufficient, this is an administrative offense that can be punished with a fine of up to 500 euros, said Heiß.

Election workers in other districts of the capital have also canceled their registration. From Steglitz-Zehlendorf it was said that the 20 cancellations so far had no recognizable connection with the vaccination certificate. According to the state return office, it is a "fringe phenomenon". "There may be people who want a vaccination appointment in individual cases," said the head of the office, Geert Baasen. Because a lot of election workers are needed for the upcoming elections, the search started early. "That is why it happens that people cancel," said Baasen.