Authority: Despite the capricious weather in 2020, good quality of the wines

According to experts, the turbulent weather last year did not affect the quality of Franconian wine. The winemakers had to cope with the smallest harvest in 35 years - but the wines presented did well in the “Wein-Tüv” run by the Lower Franconian government. About 97 percent of them would have received the coveted official examination number in the first half of 2021, the authority announced on Monday in Würzburg. This would represent a good 99 percent of the tested amount of wine - "a result that underscores the special quality of Franconian wine", so the conclusion.

Every year the farmers present their wines and sparkling wines to the authorities' auditors. Those who receive the test number can name their products quality wine, predicate wine or quality sparkling wine. More than a quarter of the applications (27,2 percent) for an examination related to Silvaner wines. A total of 63 different grape varieties have been presented this year.

The testers examine the drops primarily from a sensory point of view, i.e. they assess the smell, color, taste and harmony. For example, if a Riesling really looks and tastes like a Riesling, it is given the number.

After a warm spring 2020, a cold May with late frosts and a hot and dry summer, Franconian winemakers were able to harvest an average of 4360 liters per hectare. According to the authorities, the average yield over the past few years has been 7200 liters per hectare.

The first quality test for wines in Franconia took place in January 1972 at the government of Lower Franconia.