AVISO: Virtual press conference & study presentation "Handelsverband Omnichannel Readiness Index 2021 (ORI)"

The dealers are massively upgrading digital. On June 9th, HV, Google and MindTake will present the brand new report on the digital situation of Austrian retail.

Vienna (OTS) - How well are the digital channels in Austrian retail interlinked? On June 9th, the trade association will present the Omnichannel Readiness Index (ORI) for the fourth time - the benchmark that has become the international standard for measuring the maturity of companies that are customer-oriented across sales channels.

In cooperation with Google and MindTake, 41 retailers in Austria from all sectors were compared based on around 100 individual criteria according to their omnichannel maturity. The study design is multi-dimensional and also takes consumer expectations into account.

  • How omnichannel-ready is Austrian retail?
  • Who did their Corona homework and upgraded digitally?
  • How have consumer expectations changed in times of the pandemic?
  • Which retailers best meet these expectations?
  • Who are the omnichannel superstars in Austria?
  • How did stationary and online retail perform compared to the previous year?

These and many other questions will be answered in a virtual press conference next Wednesday. Look forward to a relentless reality check, which is also to be understood as a roadmap for future developments and investments for the entire retail industry.

Your interlocutors:

  • Judith DOBRETZBERGER | Retail Lead, Google Austria
  • Martina OBERRAUCH | Senior Research Consultant, MindTake Research
  • Rainer WILL | Managing director trade association

To the virtual press conference (via Google Meet) on Wednesday, June 9th, from 09:30 a.m. we cordially invite you.

We kindly ask you to register in advance via email to isabel.lamotte@handelsverband.at. After you have registered, we will transmit the Google Meet dial-in data.

We look forward to your participation!

Virtual press conference: "Handelsverband Omnichannel Readiness Index 2021 (ORI)"

Date: April 09.06.2021th, 09, 30:10 a.m. - 30:XNUMX p.m.

Location: Google Meet (virtual)
Vienna, Austria

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