Automobile importers welcome clear words from the top representatives of the Austrian vehicle industry

Vienna (OTS) - "It cannot be affirmed often enough that the automotive industry is a leading branch of the manufacturing economy in Austria and provides 355.000 jobs," emphasizes Günther Kerle, spokesman for the Austrian automobile importers, at today's press conference with top representatives from the domestic automotive industry. “The clear words and demands made today by leading domestic companies are absolutely important and correct in times when the automotive industry is facing massive challenges. A pandemic and the associated falling sales figures, transformation into new drives and a lack of semiconductors and the associated long-term production downtimes are just some of the challenges the mobility industry is currently facing a pure punishment and ideological policy, as we are currently often experiencing, in order to strengthen this important industry.

Technology-neutral research is essential

Vehicle manufacturers, the supplier industry and the vehicle trade would work together to ensure that individual mobility and thus people's freedom and needs are maintained. There should therefore be no further burdens, the automotive taxation is one of the highest in Europe, emphasizes Kerle once again. "Measures such as the NoVA increase from July and the expansion to include light commercial vehicles are slowing down the market, burdening the affected economy and doing nothing for the environment, because old - and therefore more polluting - vehicles stay on the road longer." the eco-social tax reform should therefore be expressly rejected. Rather, measures are needed that strengthen the auto industry through technology-open research and development, said Kerle, because both the economic and the climate crisis can only be solved if we pull together.