Armin Laschet or Markus Söder: Union MPs demand a debate on the K question

In the struggle for the candidate for chancellor of the Union parties, the eyes are on the common parliamentary group. A growing group of Union MPs is demanding participation in the decision. In the meantime, 70 MPs have already accepted the request made in writing CDU and Christian Social Union connected, as the news portal "The Pioneer" reported. Most of them are likely to be Armin Laschet's rivals Markus Söder favor.

The deputy CDU chairman, Volker bouffier, spoke out against the participation of the group. Another committee does not have to be involved, he said "The Pioneer". “We have two committees with everything you need. Board members, executive committees, that’s how it should stay German politican similarly expressed about the inclusion of the political group.

On Tuesday afternoon, the members of the Union parliamentary group come together for a regular meeting. CSU boss Söder insists that the support for his opponent, CDU chairman Laschet, is not as unanimous as in the CDU party committees on Monday. The CDU presidium was up placed behind party leader Laschet with a large majority.

For MPs, the candidate question is about the "gain or loss of the constituency," said the Bavarian Prime Minister of the online program "Bild live". If you look at the current survey data, you can see that previously safe black constituencies are "now green in the south, red in the west and blue in the east." Söder was ready to take part in the parliamentary group meeting to talk about the K question. "If you want, I'll be there." Laschet had previously announced that he had not planned to participate.

Laschet has the backing of the largest national group

CDU boss Laschet called on the Union, however, not to allow itself to be divided. “A good, fair togetherness is key right now. I bet on unity, "said Laschet according to information from the German press agency on Monday evening in a meeting of the influential regional group of CDU members from North Rhine-Westphalia. According to participants, he received great support for his candidacy there. Several speakers had expressly supported the unanimous vote of the CDU top bodies for Laschet, it said.

The support in the national group is likely to be important for Laschet, also in view of the nervousness among the members of the Bundestag because of the bad poll numbers for the Union and for him personally. The 42 NRW MPs form the strongest state group among the 245 Union MPs in the Bundestag.

It is unclear when the decision on the candidate for chancellor will be made. Laschet urges the fastest possible speed. After the broad support from the CDU presidium and the party executive committee, he announced that he would speak to Söder on Monday. On Sunday he had provided his claim to the candidacy with the note that this would apply if the CDU gave him broad support. Since this did not happen on Monday, Söder is presumably in no hurry and he is waiting for his supporters to speak louder. The CSU presidium gave him full support on Monday.

Laschets CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak said im ZDF- »heute journal«: »It doesn't depend on a day, but it will be very quick.« With a view to the support of the CDU leaders on Monday for Laschet and Söder's restriction on Sunday that the CDU should call him he said that it would be decided "in the light of today's decision, including yesterday's words." He rejected a reference by Söder to Laschet's weak poll results. “Surveys always play a role, of course, but not the exclusive one. It is also about other skills if you later want to lead a government and keep a party together. And brings these skills Armin Laschet with."

CDU Vice Julia Kloeckner urged the sister parties to remain united. She told the newspapers of the Funke media group: "The CDU and CSU are only strongly united when the question of the candidacy for chancellor is resolved jointly."